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Which painting would I save if there was a fire?

The one closest to the door, of course.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. This is the community to post drawings, paintings, collages, or any other art medium you've constructed. Hell, post things that other people construct and you love, I don't give a shit. Photography, sketches, whatever. Picasso or your girlfriend's amateur pictures are both welcome. Send the pictures to my mailbox if they're that sort of amateur work. If you're going to join, please contribute.

Yes, we will laugh at you. Hopefully, you'll laugh at yourself along with us.

Suggested drawing tools:

Art Pad
Anfy Paint
Paint Shop Pro
Microsoft Paint

[[This community is affiliated with the Must Be Pop role-playing game. If you do not belong to MBP, you will not be allowed membership.]]

Your humble moderator is ozzyosbourne, the bar is always open, the page is blank. Ask and ye shall enter. Abandon all hope. Don't eat off the floor. Must be this high to ride. Don't touch the paint. Ad infinitum.

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